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Susan Ashley

Spiritual consultant, author and healer

                                My Love is my Strength

My Self-Respect and Courage is my Protection

My Ability to Heal is my Empowerment

Awakened Soul Course Blog

Awakened Soul Course Blog


Posted by Susan on September 27, 2020 at 9:50 AM

Hi Beautiful Creators,

I wanted to light up some of the gifts you may have, however haven't really given them any credence. As you become aware of your gifts they start to light up and grow in strength.

CLAIRVOYANCE Clear Vision. We all wish to have this gift. We normally view it as the ability to see spirit, to witness that beyond the physical, however, it can also show itself by way of dreams, a vision. You may see the light around someone’s head or a flash out of the corner of your eye. You may also see the symbology in things. For some, it can be in meditation to see with your 3rd eye, a chakra that is not moving correctly or a black shadow over some part of a person’s body. You could also see someone’s past life or an event in childhood in your mind like a movie.

CLAIRCOGNIZANCE Some call this intuition. It is that inner knowing about something, you can't put your finger on it. You don't know why, but something just is right. I also align Deja vu with this, as whenever you have a flash of Deja vu it is a knowing you are in the right place at the right time. It is a feeling of knowing something deep inside without having any physical evidence. You may look at someone on the TV and have a knowing that person is lying or going to create a problem or do great things. You can often spot a fake person. You know when it is right for you to go somewhere or to call someone at the right time they need it or you require the missing piece of information. You make decisions spontaneously. For me this is one of the most accurate gifts of all, as there is no interpretation needed. When we see or hear something, it is up to our own beliefs and knowledge to interpret it, however, with this gift it is such a strong knowing or sense that it is always right. However, we often put it aside to fit in or connect with others. We make excuses for it that deny it and only let ourselves down.

CLAIRAUDIANCE Hearing. For some this is loud and clear voice either internally that is clearly not your own or a voice externally. It maybe subtle, someone calling your name in the night and you wake. Sometimes, it is a voice that distracts you from walking across a road but when you turn, there is no one there. It can also be a ringing in the ears. When for instance someone is telling you something and suddenly you hear a ringing or a vibration in the ear, which may be telling you to be alert to what is being said to you or what you are hearing. My mother had a saying, an old wives tale is what they called it. Ringing in the year, if it's left ear for love, right ear for spite. As they believed it was a sign that someone was talking about you. I often find a strong blowing in the ear is an upgrade for inner hearing from my guides.

CLAIRESCENCE Smell. For some this is a very strong gift. Smelling the perfume or food your grandmother who passed away used or cooked. It can also be sweet smells of the angelic realms, also mother Mary often smells of roses when she enters your lives journey. You can also smell bad smells like death that could be the presence of some evil in the place you may have entered. Others may not smell these smells, however, often very dark places with recent activities can leave a smell that is pungent and undeniable.

CLAIRGUSTANCE Taste. This is an unusual one. You may be around someone and suddenly get a taste of beer, which could indicate that the person in front of you has a problem with alcohol. It can be awakening a memory of a good time or something that guidance is suggesting that you eat right now for your health. I have done readings for people who smoke and have literally felt like I had 100 cigarettes after they have left.

CLAIREMPATHY Emotional feelings of others. When you walk into a room you can feel there has been joy or an argument. You can walk in and feel a strong sense of peace and go suddenly quiet. You may suddenly feel anxious or excited and then a friend will call and tell you something and you recognize that's the feeling they were feeling, when they thought about calling you. You have picked up on it before you even spoke to them. You may walk down a street and go home feeling emotionally drained or a strong need to cry to release this odd feeling that you have felt without being aware of it. This is a good gift to have, especially if you are working in the arena of healing as it can help you assist its release. However, if you are not aware of your own frequency you can feel it is yours and it could stay with you for a while.

CLAIRSENTIENCE Physically feeling another pain. A fabulous gift if you are in the business of helping others and have mastered the ability not to take it on. You can walk down the street and suddenly get a sharp pain in your ankle for instance and that could be that you have walking across geopathic stress or an area where something happened. You may suddenly get a pain in your hip and find it hard to walk and not notice you just walked passed an elderly person that has a hip problem. You may get a backache that doesn't belong to you. Often healers, if they don't cleanse themselves enough or correctly, will have all manor of illnesses from what they have taken on from their clients. It can be the same, if you work in an office. I find that people would often say to me, “Oh, I feel so much better after talking/seeing you”. They leave feeling great and I feel like a piece of crap. Thankfully this is a thing mostly of the past for me, however, it can create a lot of set backs in your life as you don't often have the energy to get on with what you most need to do, because you are dealing with everyone else’s energy. This gift used positively can be a very powerful as you gauge the energy, means you can also heal that energy. You can use the gift, that often goes with it, of clairempathy to recognize the emotional pain that locked it in and thus heal it.

CLAIRTANGENCY Touch. The ability to extract memories and knowledge from items, such as jewelry, furniture, clothing etc. You can feel the journey of that item and the person who owned it.

I am sure from reading through these gifts you have realized that you have a few of them. Congratulations!!!!!

Keeping your energy clear is the best way to enhance these gifts. The one thing that dampens them, that numbs them is a cloudy energy that's full of everyone-around-you’s pain and restriction. Ensuring that you cleanse regularly and maintain energetic hygiene is your biggest and best way of growing and expanding your gifts to ensure you live the life you want. The life you are aligned with for your highest expression.

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Reply Barbara Rebernik
3:50 AM on September 28, 2020 
Thank you for this writing, it is helpful to know that - to recognise things that are happening arround :-)
Reply Barbara M
4:51 AM on September 28, 2020 
Thank you for sharing. I would be interested in other ways to clear energies / thoughts of others - when not close to shower.(what you have mentioned last time :)) ..for example how to do it in nature (hugging trees?) or when in crowded places quickly..(when you forget to put blue coat on ;)).. thanks a milion.. greetings â?¤ï¸?â??ï¸?ð???ð??»
Reply Mihaela
9:58 AM on September 28, 2020 
Thank you Susan! This is very helpful!